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Huay Pak Pai Royal Rose Garden

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Even though His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej had departed, he left Thai people with many valuable treasurers that would be with us forever. One of those is the Royal Project, which is a comprehensive programme introduced by His Majesty the King more than 30 years ago to assist the northern hilltribepeople, who were engaging inunsustainable farming practices. By training the hilltribe communities in the production of various handicrafts, these programmes have raised their income and their prospects, as well as benefiting the environment. Many of them became popular tourist attractions today.

Chiang Mai has more Royal Project than other provinces. Some of them are not far from the city which can be visited in one day. The closest one and probably one of the most attractive for me would be Huay Pak Pai Royal Rose Garden.

Huay Pak Pai Royal Rose Garden is in Hang Dong District Chiang Mai, just 40 minutes drive from Chiang Mai Airport.

From Chiang Mai Airport drive south on Chiang Mai – Hang Dong road for 15-20 minutes until Sameng intersection then turn right to Ton Gwen intersection. Or use water supply canal service road down south until reach Ton Gwen intersection then turn right proceed along Hang Dong – Sameng road.

This road is one of my favorite especially in winter time. Road condition is good, surrounding is still very nature, not far from the city, and not too many cars. You can jump out from the city and reach out for natures in short time. There are also many cool and chick restaurants and coffe shops with nice spot for photos along the way.

Drive along Hang Dong – Sameng road for about 20 minutes when passing Belle Villas for about 1-2 Km we will see sign of Huay Pak Pai Royal Rose Garden on the right. The Rose Garden is just 200-300 meters away.

Huay Pak Pai is a part of Tung Reng Center which was set up by Royal Project Foundation. The center takes care of 4-5 villages of Mong Hilltribes people. The center itself is about 4-5 kms away which grows vegetable plots, avocado farms and other plants. Huay Pak Pai consists of learning center, rose garden and restaurant. For tourists we recommend to go directly to Huay Pak Pai.

At the entrance of Rose Garden entrance there is a small souvenir shop which offers local products from the villages like skin and hair treatment products from avocado, hand made clothes. There are also rose plants for visitors to bring back and grow at home too.

MangoGuide would like to recommend fan page to spare your time for lunch or dinner here. This is the only place you can sit in the middle of rose garden while enjoying your meal. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is mangificent that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lunch in the middle of rose garden, only available at The Royal Rose Garden Huay Pak Pai

There are several menu that you must try like Rose Garden Hors d’ oeuvres, deep fried Jin Hua pork, and salad with smoked Eu-Liang Duck’s breast.

Salad with smoked Eu-Liang duck's breast

But my favorite menu is Kang-Leang or spicy mixed vegetable soup with shrimp. They use fresh vegetables from the Royal Project Farm and the soup taste really good.

Kang-Leang or spicy mixed vegetable soup with shrimp

After the meal don’t miss desserts highlight – Avocado ice cream. It’s home made ice cream prepared day by day using fresh avocado from Tung Reng Center.

Avocado ice cream

The Rose Garden here is indoor rose fields covered by clear plastic roof which make it cool and comfortable. Walk way was built along the garden with different kinds of roses on both sides. The beauty and odors of the rose make us very enjoy.

There are almost 200 breeds of roses at Huay Pak Pai. But the breeds selected to grow at Huay Pak Pai Rose Garden are all the nice ones or with good odors.

People says flowers and beautiful women are meant together. When I look at different kinds flowers it always remind me of different characters of those beautiful women.

Let’s walk through the Garden of Beautifuls.

Yellow Simplicity : plain and simple at first look, but pretty forever, never get bored

Chicago Peach : sweet and juicy

Chicago Peach : sweet and juicy

Midnight Blue : breathtaking beauty but mysterious

Double Delight : Charming but complex, challenging for search

Joe Vincelle : strongly attractive

Alex Red : hot and appealing

Love : sweet, temptation, but so fragile

Nicole : like a smart girl; confidence, sexy and seductive

Pricess de Monaco : elegant and adorable like an angel

Black Tea : hard to understand

Pink Simplicity : sensous beauty

Huay Pak Pai Royal Rose Garden opens everyday from 08:30am – 4:30pm. There is no entrance fee. The restaurant opens daily from 10:30am to 2:30pm and could extend to dinner until 8pm upon advance booking.

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